Poker Strategy

Online no limit winning Poker strategy:

Bankroll the 10% rule:

Make sure you never sit with more than 10% of your bankroll at the table. Bankroll = money left in your account.&Nbsp; If your bankroll is £50 then you should not sit at a table with more than £5, if it is £100 then sit with no more than £10.

The reason why to only sit with 10% of your bankroll is because we are all human so if & when a bad beat strikes which it can and will you cannot risk tilting with 50% of your bankroll let alone 100%.

You have to be able to lose to win:

This maybe sounds a bit crazy but this is the difference between winning players and losing players. All the best poker players in the world will lose at times the difference between them and 95% of other players in the world is that they win more than they lose, to be a profitable player you have to realise that you will lose, the trick is to make sure you win more than you lose.

When you are playing well and winning it is hard to get your game even more profitable or improve. The time that good poker players really earn there money  is when the cards are not going their way. If you improve/ work on your losing game then that means you will be profitable.

How to lose less:

The hardest part of poker for 95% of players is been able to walk away from a table when you are down but if you can overcome this then you are on your way to be a profitable poker player. If you win say 20 times out of 30 then as long as you follow these basic rules you will be a profitable poker player, 95% are not because they do not improve their losing game.


pre flop you have AK player you’re against has 10 2 flop comes down KQ2 you bet big, player with 10 2 calls, turn comes J then you bet big again, player calls, river comes A giving you two pair but the muppet who called your bet on the flop with a pair of 2’s gets his straight, needless to say he wins a big pot.

You are rightly steaming, furious at this stage 95% of players reload and try to get their money back from this fish/poor player. If you do this you will join the 95% of players who are not profitable poker players. Leave the table, leave the site it is your break time. Reflect on the hand but do not be upset, this is poker bad beats will happen it’s how you handle the losses that will decide whether you are a profitable online poker player.

Don’t sit at the same table or even the same site for too long, this stops you getting personal and holding grudges against players who have being fishing and beaten you on the river to win a hand.

You should sign up to at least 5 different sites HERE, deposit equal amount’s in each and play evenly amongst all sites.&Nbsp; This will help keep your game fresh and also stop other players picking up on your play.&Nbsp; I can’t emphasise the importance of this enough, if you want to be a profitable online poker player you cannot just play one site you need to play at least 5 just so you don’t become part of the furniture at one site.

Play in short sharp bursts, never with distractions in the room, TV in the background is a big no no. Kids in the room a big no no. Concentration and focus is vital so when you play online poker do nothing else.

You should NEVER play more than 2 hrs sessions purely for concentration reasons; you should always take a break minimum of 30 minutes between sessions but preferably 2 hrs, you need to forget poker on your breaks the best way to do this is buy occupying yourself with something else.

You need to be able to lay down good hands and not just call bets to see, if you think you are losing the chances are you are.

Never use the chat facility, make sure this option is turned off , you are here to make money not friends, the chat facility will NEVER benefit you only distract.